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Technology Doesn’t Solve Problems... People Do

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Who We Are
Our Staff

  • Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging is a private practice on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. We are easily accessible by car, subway, or bus. Click here for directions.
  • We are ACR accredited and have the latest MRI and CT equipment.
    • Our CT scanner is the 160-slice Aquilion PRIME. It has Toshiba's AIDR 3D which decreases radiation dose by 75%. It is the second system installed in the U.S.A.
    • Our MRI scanner is the General Electric's Discovery 750w 3.0T.   It has a wider bore that gives patients 50% more room in front of the face. It is GE's first system in Manhattan.
  • Our Physicians are Board Certified radiologists who are also certified in ACLS. They are present for all imaging studies that require an injection.